This was truly a project bike. The bike came in looking like crushed soda
can, but the owner had high hopes for this one. After talking to the
customer, we settled on an idea for everything and went to work. The bike
turned out amazing! The colors compliment each other perfectly and the
graphics flow from the front to the back like they were meant to be there.
The painted inner fairing and stretched tank really finished this off, and of
course it sounds great too. Take a look at the before pictures below to see
what we started with!
surely, this bike has come together and continues to be tweaked and
perfected. We have fitted the rear end with a pair of Big Bags and a custom
rear fender and topped it all off with a flawless gradient flame job
pinstriped with an electric blue to help the flames pop off the bike. There is
a sense of depth with this graphic and is definitely an eye catcher! He has
since done wheels and rotors, and the chrome keeps adding up! One of
our favorites!
This customer came to us with one thing in mind....a flame job.  He didn't
want a dime a dozen paint job or flames that looked like every other flame
job on the road. So he dropped it off to us and we stripped it down. The
candy flames and black cherry paint work well together and the red pin
stripe finishes off the graphic. A shadow effect behind the flames make
them look like they are a foot off the bike and the Harley emblem was
removed and replaced with a hand painted badge with colors to match. This
one really stands out in the crowd!
2003 Screamin'EagleRoadking Project
This was a FUN project for us! We had the freedom to really work our magic
on this one and he has since been back to update and add more to this
amazing machine. From the stretched tank, painted inner fairing, upgraded
sound system, you name it, it's got it! This has all the show and all the go! A
really nice tribal graphic finishes this one off without being too over the
This was one of our favorite finished products. This thing will have you
craving a dreamsickle! The pearl orange on pearl white broken with a
freestyle graphic is just sick! Again, the graphic flows perfect with the bike
and the gangster white walls help to finish this one off. The Harley emblems
were removed, and our own rendition of the HD replaced it. This is a sweet
2006 Street GlideProject
This was a really fun project for us. The bike came in as a mostly stock 2006
Street Glide. Before it left we did a complete custom paint job, a 21" front
wheel conversion, our signature stretched bagger kit, Bassani Dual
Exhaust, Danny Gray Seat, Stretched Fuel Tank, Klock Werks Windshield,
16" Apes, Braided Cables, and more chrome than you can imagine! This one
is a real eye catcher!
2006 Street GlideProject
Chucklehead brought us his 06 Street Glide over the winter with a few
ideas of what he wanted it to look like. It was already an eye catcher with
the PM Wheel set up, diamond cut heads, and chrome galore, but it needed
some paint to make it really stand out. After toying around with a few
designs, we finally found something that fit and ran with it. The graphics
flow perfect from the stretched tank all the way down to the signature
stretched bagger kit of ours and the tear drop tail lights, wing lights, and
tun-turn-brake plate lights make the rear end seen from a mile away! This
one is a favorite of ours for sure!
graphics all over this bike which really makes this bike a show piece! He
has since done a ton more to his bike, so if you roll up next to this guy, I
wouldn't mess around!
This bike is proof of our commitment to quality and performance! The paint
scheme is an eye popping orange with graphics of diamond plate being
exposed. The chrome wheels, cables, and pretty much everything else you
can think of make this bike look great! Think this bike is too pretty to ride?
Tell that to it's owner! This bike has been ridden, and truly ridden! We
believe in building bikes that not only look good, but feel good too, while
sacrificing nothing! Years after the bike's completion, and thousands of
miles later, it was featured in a major magazine. A testament to our quality
and longevity.
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Hours: M-Fri. 9:00 am-5:30 pm, Sat. 9:00 am-12:00 pm, Closed Sun.
2005FLH Project
Troy brought us his bike straight from the dealership and we got started
right away on his custom paint, stretched bags, rear fender, Bassani
exhaust, Leathal Weapon Front Wheel & Rotors, and a Retro Radio Kit. This
one gets plenty of compliments while it's down at the shop. Be sure to give
Troy the devil horns signal when you see him out cruising around town.
Zach brought us a plain jane softail and wanted something that would really
make a statement on the road. As you can see from the pictures, nothing
was left untouched. The front end was raked out, the tank was stretched to
fit his seat, new wheels, custom dash, and on and on and on. The paint job
on this one really gets the attention it deserves wherever it goes with the 3
Dimensional effect that pops out at you.
Gina's bike is one of our favorites. She brought us her bike and let us go to
work. The base color is a very nicely done Matte Black finish with a distinct
orange graphic that flows perfectly with the body of the bike. The gangster
white-wall tires and orange spoked wheels to match the paint really
complete this piece and make it a unique, one of a kind ride.
This was a fun project. This customer brought us a bike and an idea and it
was our job to put it all together. The outcome was killer and we had yet
another satisfied customer. The candy paint that overlays the skull and
tribal graphics came out flawlessly and it shows great in the sun.
VTX SaddlebagConversion Project
This customer came to us with the hopes of converting his VTX into a
bagger. After some head scratching and modifications, here it is! Yes this is
a Honda with a Harley rear end and it looks amazing. Our customer was very
happy and we were too. It looks like it belongs on the bike and flows very
well. So the next time you have an idea and wonder if it can be done, come
talk to us! Anything is possible!
David MannTribute Bike
This bike really needs no description! Just looking at the bike, you can see
the amazing graphics and all the chrome. It's one of the best looking bikes
you'll ever see because of the attention to detail throughout everything!
From fender
2006 HeritageBagger Project
Sue, like a lot of softail owners, came to us wanting to put bags on her bike
but wasn't sure if it could be done. IT CAN BE DONE! We have had a lot of
questions about this, and as you can see by the pictures of Sue's bike, it
looks great! This bike gets a lot of compliments when we have it down at
the shop. The great thing about this kit is, it looks like it's supposed to be
on the bike. We don't rig up a set of bags and call it a conversion. Take a
close look a Sue's bike in the pictures and you'll be able to see the quality
of this kit. Her bike gives her husbands bagger a run for it's money for sure!
You can't miss this trike when it rolls by! A flame job doesn't even come
close when describing this one. The true fire starts on the front fender and
looks like it's being thrown back through the rest of the bike, hitting every
body panel on it's way.  We hope that she is as thrilled with this one as we
were. It was a fun project and turned out great!
This customer came to us a while back with the idea of pin-up girls  and
ghost flames on his bagger. He was very good about bringing us different
artwork and designs that he liked so that we had a good grasp on exactly
what he wanted. After studying the art and laying out a few designs, we
came together on this very unique paint scheme that included everything
he was after.
Custom ChopperProject
This bike came to us in hopes of being repaired in certain places and
re-painting the bike with a design that was more of what the customer
wanted. After tracking down, fabricating, and designing, we finally finished
this one up with a wicked paint scheme. Dragons, Fire, and Women are all
over this one and the finished product looked great! Good luck to our
customer that takes this to shows ALL YEAR ROUND'.
There is way too much to say about this one. This bike tested our ability to
pull together very detailed mural work and integrate that with so many
different elements. The bike is themed after the Big 5, with artwork
consisting of these animals, an African Safari landscape, and all tied
together with true fire. Throw in some nice motor work, a set of new Ness
wheels, upgraded sound, and a custom seat and he's got a best of show
bike for sure. This bike was unveiled at the Peoria Zoo in late July of 2010.
When PigsFly
This bike has made its way to American Bagger Magazine and is one of the
more vivid bikes we've put together. After an unfortunate accident, it was
time to make the bike that our customer had wanted to do for a long time.
He pulled all the stops on this one with heavy motor work and, as you can
tell, a completely custom paint job. The graphics break up the black and
orange very well and have an amazing sense of depth. Take a closer look at
some of the pictures we've got posted and read about the bike on
American Bagger Magazine's website.
We thought it was about time for us to show off some of our chopper skills,
and what better bike to do it with than this Independence. Keeping with the
classic profile of the bike, we went to work on the graphics and came up
with this multi-orange tone and designed a sleek tribal graphic. The
graphics look 3-dimensional with the brushed in shadowing, yet the overall
bike is not overdone. Surprisingly, the vivid oranges and the tribal
graphics are very subtle overall and doesn't look too in your face. Along
with the paint came plenty of chrome, and of course power.
Finally we have a picture of our digital cammo that we offer. One of our
customers brought us his uniform to replicate the pattern, and we now
have it down to a science! Stop in and get your digital cammo on whatever
you want painted today!