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One of our newest customers came in to the shop and had an idea of what
he wanted to do on the fairing of his ultra classic but wasn't quite sure of
how it would look. We were able to spend some time together creating a
digital rendering of his idea and ultimately decided upon this design. We
really enjoyed this project and look forward to doing more paint work on
this one in the near future!
This bike came to us in need of putting the trike together and making it
look great and most importantly, being a comfortable, reliable trike. We
were able to fabricate the frame that we needed to make this work and
ended up doing some paint work on the fuel tank to match a tattoo that
he has, which looks great! He recently brought it back in with his custom
upholstery for the rear and everything looks awesome! Take a look at the
This build was a fun one, and we photographed and detailed the entire
project from receiving the trike kit all the way through to completion of
the build. This Roadsmith kit really made this bike look completely
different and unique. The body has great lines and the options on this
thing are phenomenal. With independent suspension, reverse, loads of
trunk space, and l.e.d. lighting everywhere, this one really stands out!
Take a look at some of the pictures and read about the build on our
Not your average barbed wire bike. Our customer came to us with an
idea in her head of what she wanted this to look like but was struggling
with the overall concept. After a few test panels and a digital rendering,
we were able to get her exactly what she was looking for. The barbed
wire isn't too intense and scattered throughout the graphic are droplets
of blood that look like they've been blown down the side of the bike. It
turned out great! Take a look at the photos!
Green TrueFireGive-Away
If you listened to the radio at all over the summer, you probably heard
that we gave away a free true fire paint job. After waiting all summer long,
we finally crowned the winner and here it is! A really good looking Fatboy
came rolling through the shop and left with some new color. Take a look
at the pictures below to see the bike!
1974 AMF Z-90Restoration
Restoration may be a bit of an understatement with this bike. We literally
brought this one back from the dead! The bike came to us ready for the
junk yard, but with the ambitious attitude of it's owner and a lot of
research, we were able to get this put back together and ride like a
dream! Everything about the bike went back to factory spec., including
the retro painted fuel tank that matches the 1974 design. Take a look at
the pictures to see this one of a kind, or better yet, stop down to the
shop and see it on display in our showroom!
2008 YamahaRoadstar S
This bike came to us as a collision and before it was all over, our
customer decided to go with something that would really make some
heads turn! The blue true fire looks great laid over a deep midnight blue,
adding a real sense of depth to the fire. The white wall tires really set the
paint off and this is definitely a unique ride. Take a look at some of the
pictures we took!
2008 BattastiniRoadking
This Roadking came to us as a bone stock bike and our customer wanted
to make it something that really stood out. We decided to go with a full
line of Battastini chrome and compliment the rest of the bike around that
same Battastini look. The graphics really tie the whole bike together with
a deep 3- dimensional look. This bike is for sale and sitting in our
showroom, so come on down and take a good look at this one and drive
it home!
2007 Marine Corp.Street Glide
The owner of this bike has been a great long time customer and friend of
the shop, and really wanted a bike that would turn heads and pay tribute
to the armed services. We converted the rear end with the new Drop Bag
set up and worked with him to get every piece of mural work he wanted.
We were very happy with the end result, and apparently so was JayBrake.
They liked the bike so much that they asked to have it displayed in their
booth for every dealer & vendor to see at the 2011 V-Twin Expo. Look for
this one as a feature spread in an upcoming
American Bagger Magazine
2009 FirefighterStreet Glide
This bike came in over the winter this year. Our customer wanted to do a
firefighter themed bike and had quite a few ideas of his own. After a few
digital renderings and numerous meetings to plan the paint, we finally
arrived at what you see here. The finished product looks great! We stuck
with the factory base color and added a true fire graphic infused with
silhouettes, skulls, and firefighter graphics. We also added in a little bit
of gold leaf to really set the paint job apart from all of the rest. There is
no way you can miss this one when it rides by! Take a look at some of the
detailed pictures and let us know what you think!
1998 Sportster883
This customer came to us wanting to do something that was eye catching
and also showed off his bulldog business. We completely tore this one
down and threw a blue true-fire paint job down as the base graphic and
incorporated the bulldogs throughout the paint. Take a look at the
pictures below.
This bike came to us wanting to do something new and different as well
as adapt some things to make this bike his own. We ended up retro
fitting a dead center cycles detachable fairing with a national cycle
windshield to the front, a tour pak on the rear, and true fire graphics
over the entire bike with a couple smaller graphics that he wanted. Take
a look at this one of a kind metric and let us know what you think!
1998 PoliceBike
Our customer came in with a vision of what he wanted this bike to look
like and really pushed us to try something we haven't done before! This
was our first time incorporating Japanese Fingerwaves into a paint job,
and it turned out great! The flat finish really makes the graphic pop and
staying with the police bag set up and chrome pucks keep the original
style of the bike with an added flare of custom graphics. Take a look at
this one and let us know what you think!
This customer of ours came in with a great idea of custom graphics and
sat down with us to make sure that we had the same vision for the bike.
After a few sketches and digital renderings, we finally nailed it down and
got to work. Take a look at the woven checkered effect that was candied
in over the base color. It's a great look that you really have to see in
person to appreciate. Take a look at the high resolution pictures to view
the graphic in better detail.
This bike was completed in early spring of this year and has really had a
lot of attention in the shop. A nice flat blue with blue flames really make
this bike stand out. The owner of this bike is currently serving over seas
and protecting all of us! We really appreciate your service to our country
and we hope you make it home safely and quickly! Your hot rod will be
waiting for you when you get back! Be careful and thanks for your
business and your service!
Evil ClownRoad King
This bike is one of our favorites! This bike came to us as a good looking
bike initially, but he wanted to do something that was completely
different. He had quite a few ideas of what he wanted done, and after
some head scratching, we came to this layout. Evil clowns are scattered
throughout the bike with true fire tying it all together. This is one of
those graphics that you have to walk around the bike numerous times to
see every little detail and hidden image. The graphics look great on the
original base color and the 21" front wheel and dead center cycle fairing
just complete the look. Take a look at all of the high resolution pictures!
This bike's owner came to us a couple years ago with an idea of what he
wanted to do to his honda shadow. He brought us plenty of pictures,
forum discussions, and brainstormed with us for quite a while and we
finally came up with this. There isn't much left of this honda that hasn't
been modified or converted, or customized to meet his expectations.
Take a close look at this one and see why it's callled a Hardley Davidson!
This customer came to us in search of a quality trailer that would match
the style of his bike. We hooked him up with Legendary Innovations and
painted the trailer to match his factory paint scheme. These trailers are
amazing! Take a closer look and call us for more details!
This was a fun bike to put together. After a few digital renderings, we
settled on the graphic you see here. Take a look at all the shots we have
of this one! The black ice graphics work really well with the pearl white
and really jump off the bike.
This is a real head turner! The base green stands out by itself, and
adding in the green true fire just makes it that much more of a show
piece! Every test ride this has been on has slowed down traffic! Take a
This bike came in as a collision and left as a show winner! After putting
the bike back together, the customer decided he wanted to do a little
something extra to make it unique. The torn sheet metal graphic looks
great on this and really shows in the sun. Take a look!
We purchased this bike recently and brought it straight back to the paint
department to get a fresh new look. The deep red base color worked as a
perfect canvas to add some true fire and some really intense graphics.
This bike is mechanically sound and is a sure show winner. Take a look at
the photos and stop by our showroom to get a closer look.
We sold this bike recently, and it came back to us for some fresh
graphics. The paint really came out nice on this one. The graphics are
done very tastefully and it really made this bike unique. Check it out!
This trike has come a long way! The bike came in on two wheels with no
miles on it and was torn down and fitted up to the Roadsmith kit. After a
ton of graphics, upgrades, and accessories, the trike is finished and is a
real head turner! It has also just been named the Roadsmith "Trike of the
Month". Take a look at the pictures and let us know what you think!
You've probably seen this trike all over the internet! Once this one hit
the floor of the 2012 V-Twin Expo, pictures of it went viral! This trike was
built for a great customer of ours and we couldn't be happier for her.
Take a good look at the detailed graphics, and keep an eye out for it on
the road, the internet, and possibly some magazines!
This one isn't completely done yet, but we couldn't resist putting it out
there for all of you to see! This trike is coming together very nicely with
some old school flame work breaking up the two-tone base. More
pictures are coming soon, as this one gets ready to hit the road!
Here's another show stopper! This bike really stands out with the intense
graphics laid over the rich yellow base. Take a look at these pictures and
let us know what you think!
Here's another trike of the month winner that we've completed. This one
came in on two wheels and left on three and is definitely a looker! With
the custom graphics, Dead Center Cycles detachable fairing, Rinehart
exhaust, Custom Wheels, and so much more, this trike is a one-of-a-kind!
Take a look!
H-D FlatTrack
There's not enough room on our website to really explain this one. In
short, our customer came to us wanting us to put this bike together and
that's exactly what we did. This one is an eye catcher and a really unique
piece! Take a look at the pictures to take it all in!
Well you've all seen this bike before...but now it's back with another sick
paint job! This customer came back and wanted to change up his original
custom graphics and do something new. Take a look and tell us what you
CustomAnniversary Edition
Here's another customer added a dead center cycles fairing, but added a
unique touch to the paint. We added the H-D anniversary emblem to the
front fairing and matched the anniversary striping. This custom two-tone
paint job really makes this bike look sharp! Take a look at the photos.
Take a look at one of the newest customs to leave the shop! This one has
a really sharp blue true-fire graphic that lays over the new Arlen Ness
rear end set-up. Take a look at the photos below and let us know what
you think!