Extreme Cornplanter Makeover
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This Is The Biggest Project We've Ever Done! We received a phone call in early November of 2010 asking us if we would be able
to paint a corn planter. At first we thought that it was some kind of prank caller and we didn't take it too seriously. We received
follow up calls asking further questions and telling us that they were ready to undertake the project. We soon met with Precision
Planters of Tremont, IL and toured their facility. We were very impressed with their business and decided that this would be
something we would like to do. After a few digital renderings and constant brainstorming, we were able come together on a plan.
The following week, a semi trailer pulled up in front of our shop with thousands of parts that had been prepped for paint. We
started the process and all but shut our shop down to work entirely on meeting deadlines. We then had to construct a paint booth
that would be large enough to accomodate the size of the corn planter, and provide proper ventilation. This corn planter was a
piece of equipment owned by a farming family in need, and one this extreme makeover. After we had completed the paint, the
cornplanter was outfitted with state of the art equipment and completely refurbished. The family came down from Wisconsin for the
unveiling and the corn planter was then trailered all over the country for display at agriculture shows. It has since been given back
to the owners and has made its way out to the field to start planting. Take a look at the pictures below to view the paint process.